The big difference between laser and IPL hair removal treatment

The entrance of ipl hair removal and laser hair removal treatments are fascinating and famous for customers worldwide. They give new wings to the cosmetic department with long term benefits that are irreplaceable. They are simple yet effective and prevents hair growth effectively. While these two procedures are long term treatment for hair removal, they’re also unique in their terms. They work on the principle of light energy and heat the areas that need an operation. The warmth from the light energy gradually damages the follicles, slows the hair growth, and eventually prevents the hair growth over time.

Though they are both popular and work on the principles of light energy, the main difference lies in the type of light source they use. The ipl hair removal cost-spectrum visible light, while the laser hair removal utilizes the properties of a laser. The IPL or intense pulsed light is a popular cosmetic procedure that’s specifically for the target areas. They target the melanin pigments in the hairs, transfers the heat energy to heat the hair, and deplete the hairs from growing. Most people about the laser treatment, yet ipl hair removal or its cost is often unheard.

On the other hand, laser hair removal uses heat energy to blast and damage the hair follicles and stop their growth. The laser treatment is for deeper pore control compared to the other treatment facilities available. Most of the time, people choose the IPL, or the lase one based on many factors such as the region of the target zone, skin color, or hair color.

The IPL covers a broader area and can give out quicker results in comparison to laser hair removal treatment. They are also for changing different skin conditions and are great for personal usage. The laser one, however, provides deep into the pore elimination of hair growth. Some theories suggest the dark hair or skin-toned people should opt for the laser treatment, while the IPL for the fair-skinned men and women.

The majority of the doctors also experiment on the client to make sure the process that will suit them best. Once the procedure is complete, an ice pack, anti-inflammatory lotions, or indication for cold water application to ease any pain or distress is in the recommendation for the customer.

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