Spreading of the coronavirus

The coronavirus broadens to China in a few weeks and then to the other world. It is moderately because of the verity that the germ has a long incubation period. To show symptoms of COVID-19 infection, it may take up to 14 days. Throughout this time, the infected person transmits to others within their area, to which they unintentionally transmitted the pathogens. It was thus also probable that foreigners from Wuhan or other provinces of China developed the new virus and turn back to their homeland before the ailment became known.

Chinese government responded delayed to the outbreak of pneumonia. In early December 2019, Chinese doctors alerted the occurrence of lung syndromes in Wuhan and give more detailed examinations. After the shutting and disinfection of the Hunana Seafood market, the nation authorities inspected the new diseases and released press publishes on 7th January 2020. Then, they confirmed the continuation of a new coronavirus. At first, only 44 known cases were mentioned.

Thai media reported about the case of the Coronavirus in Thailand on 13th January 2020 and some days later similar reports came from Japan and South Korea. It became apparent that the numbers of contagions from China had to be wrong. On 26 January 2020, the number of patients only in China increases to 2,744 cases. 80 infected people died due to COVID-19. On 30th January 2020, the WHO stated COVID-19 a health emergency of worldwide scope. At the time, infections of the coronavirus become known even outside of China like in the USA, Germany, and Italy.

How transmissions of this deadly virus work? If a person comes with the saliva of an infected person, the bacteria can go into the body from the mucous membranes. It works, for instance, in conversations, when the virus can go into a person’s mouth or nose through the saliva of the patient. Virus transmission is also extremely probable in intimate contact. Indirect transmission through the hands is also workable. In case, if an infected person sneezes or coughs covering with his hand and then shakes hands with someone, then the viruses transmitted.

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