How to choose the best sales assessment for your company

Most sales assessments tend to measure aptitude or personality, making claims that certain traits lead to an individual’s ability to succeed in sales. Yet, when it comes down to it, personality has little to do with how well people sell. Sales assessments allow you to go deeper than an interview. These days, an interview is just not enough. Research shows that much of what happens in the pre-hiring process cannot be fully trusted. Interviews are very rehearsed. Most candidates that are applying for a sales position with your company have likely applied for jobs before, or have done ample research and have a general idea of what types of questions you are going to ask.

The candidate must have spent days coming up with the perfect answers to your questions when none of them speak any truth. In other words, your candidate may be misleading you to believe that he will be that salesperson you have always dreamed of, when in fact, he may end up becoming the salesperson of your worst nightmare. Thus, to find your way through the jungle of falsified resumes, and practiced interview questions, you need sales assessments.

Sales assessment will allow you to assess your candidates for Drive-the non-teachable trait that only top-notch salespeople have. The traits that fall under the category of Drive include the need for achievement, competitiveness, and optimism. This is the magic trio that makes for a great salesperson. These are sales traits that you just cannot identify from an interview alone. That is why it is critical to start with an assessment that measures Drive.

Using sales assessments in your hiring process is crucial to the success of your sales team, but making sure you are using the best sales assessment is even more important. You want a test that will be worth your time and effort and will correctly determine the potential of your candidates.

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